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  • Songs not showing under device

    Hey, everyone. Just set up my new FiiO X1 DAC yesterday and transferred all of my music onto it using Winamp. When I browse through my folders on the device, everything appears to be there, but when I look at the files on my X1 in the Devices tab of Winamp, only about 1400 tracks show up, or about 1/3 of the music I put on. How can I remedy this? Everything also appears when I open up the folder to my actual SD card in the X1. Not a huge problem, but I'd like to be able to access all of my music through Winamp on the device.


    P.S.: Does anyone know if there's a way to make artists that have "The" at the beginning of their name appear alphabetically by the next word? (Ex: have "The Grateful Dead" appear alphabetically under "G" instead of "T")