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Hosting Shoutcast on windows server 2008 r2 VM

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  • Hosting Shoutcast on windows server 2008 r2 VM


    I need help in making my shoutcast server public which is set-up in a virtual machine in a remote desktop.
    Here are the things that I have done:

    1.) installed shoutcast and winamp
    2.) I used the sc_serv_public.conf in the examples folder provided by the DNAS, I just added a authhash and I changed the portbase to 9998
    3.) opened ports 9998 and 9999 in the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security windows, in both Inbound and Outbound Rules
    4.) changed the remote desktop's IP to static IP
    5.) configured the Shoutcast Source DSP plugin using the IP I got from ipconfig
    6.) running sc_serv examples\sc_serv_public.conf allows the Shoutcast Source DSP to connect but it shows "YP2 error code 480"
    7.) "YP2 error code is 480 [cannot see your station/computer (URL: http://115.85.**.**/9998)]"..the URL being a "firewall" according to the network admin(I am only working remotely, and networking is not my specialty).

    With this set-up, is port forwarding impossible? if yes, is there a way/work-around to stop the error 480 from appearing, I immediately assumed that the error 480 is caused by not setting up the port forwarding to the IP of the remote desktop because, I made it worked before in another environment where I can access the router's settings. This time I don't have access to the router's settings.

    Thanks in advance