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Volume reset for each audio CD track

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  • Volume reset for each audio CD track

    My winamp suddenly gives me issues when trying to play audio CDs. I start the playback, adjust the volume in the win7 volume controls and when the track ends and jumps to the next, or when I do it manually, the volume resets to the highest settings in win7.
    I have the standard winamp, latest version, no additional plugins or anything.
    It worked fine before, never had any issues, just suddenly it started acting up. I also noticed that it no longer recognizes the artist and song names. I even reinstalled the program but same issue regardless which of my CDs I try to play.
    I also would like to note that I have no problems when playing the CDs through VLC or other players, only winamp resets the windows volume for the audio cd. Also, the volume set in winamp does not change, only the windows one and always increasing it to the maximum volume.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    After playing a CD in VLC, I thought i'd try winamp again andthis time instead of choosing the context menu and then the audio CD to play, I went for choose file and added just one track and suddenly it did recognize the artist and song name and would not mess with the volume.

    However, then I picked a different CD and the same happened again. It seems I have to play every CD with VLC first for winamp work properly. Any ideas what could cause it?