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I need each song to stop after play

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  • I need each song to stop after play


    We have just downloaded 5.666 latest build.

    We use an Aspire One KAV10 Netbook with XP or a HP Pavillion with Win 7.

    Use MP3s only.

    USB out to small mixer to powered FBT Speakers. Also sue a VoiceLive Play for vocal fx.

    I have searched the web and trialed many free and paid players but here I am back with Winamp. It is used for backtrax only. We make up a few playlists and then load one and play. Nothing more nothing less.

    On screen only show the modern skin player and the playlist. We have upped the fonf to 22 fore the playlist and would also like to make the actual player and its controls larger but can't see where to do this now. We used Double before I think.

    Start / Pause on Space bar and after each song go to next and wait till Space Bar. I used Next on Stop up to 2013 but it seems like it is no longer used.

    How do I get the larger size player controls and stop after song play ?