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Return of Deleted Songs On Winamp For Android

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  • Return of Deleted Songs On Winamp For Android

    Hi All,

    So I did a search for "Android deleted" in the forum and didn't immediately see anything that looked like what I was after. So here goes...

    Here's my issue: Running Winamp Pro on Android (Samsung Galaxy S5 - GM900A, running Android 5.0), I try to keep most of my music on my micro-SD card - easier to migrate to new phone, if phone dies, etc. But I was recently trying to clean up some duplicates out of my library. I deleted a ton of stuff. Then, the next day (possibly much sooner - but that's when I noticed it) - everything I had deleted was back again! WTH?! So, I deleted again - and same result - everything's back the next day (ditto previous disclaimer - possibly came back much quicker - but next day was just when I noticed it).

    So I'm not sure what's going on. I've heard of some issues with Samsung / Android and write permissions on the microSD card with specific apps, but don't get exactly what's happening here. Not sure if Winamp is impacted or not. Or, if this was some weird Android / Google backup/restore setting that is interfering thinking "Ooops, you lost some files, let me restore them for you!" (sounds more iPhone-ish to me, but... <<sorry!>> ) How can I kill stuff in my phone and keep them off? I'm pretty sure I could use a PC and kill them, but I shouldn't have to - as the app has a delete function it it, right? (Well, clearly I'm not.. but...)

    Any & all hints, tips, suggestions, etc; are appreciated!



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    I would try downloading ES File Explorer and try deleting them that way. Or delete a song in Winamp and see if it was deleted or just removed from the library.
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