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Streaming Shoutcast to WAV with real-time listening

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  • Streaming Shoutcast to WAV with real-time listening

    Hello all

    First of all apologies for the giant message!

    I need to play streaming audio data, which is live data from hydrophones being used by a project I'm working on, through winamp (v5.666) as a .wav file instead of the mp3 format used by the data stream. Some posts here indicate this can be done by going into Preferences > Nullsoft Diskwriter and in Diskwriter plugin Settings window selecting 'Force WAV File' as the Output File Type and checking the Convert To Format box. The stream is a Shoutcast stream and if I do this I do not get any sound and get the message "Sorry cannot write streams to disk". I understand this is because Winamp won't allow Shoutcast streams to be played as a WAV file (at least based on the info in this old post

    My questions are:
    1) The thread I refer to above, indicates there are third party programs that can convert mp3s to wav from a Shoutcast stream. Can anybody recommend one of these programs or if Winamp now has an option or plugin to live stream this data as a .wav file now?

    2) When I run non-Shoutcast streams as wav files I don't hear any audio which is mentioned in this article
    ( I understand I might be able to both convert to .wav and hear the streaming audio using something like John Adcock's Output Splitter plug-in but tried this using a non-Shoutcast stream (so it would work) and I think because the information is old and maybe not relevant anymore I couldn't get it to work. Can anybody recommend a way to accomplish both converting to wav while listening to the audio?

    NOTE: the important thing is that I need winamp to continuously convert to wav files (for automated processing through another program) rather than me having to convert them all at a later time. I understand .wav files are much larger than mp3s but for this project we need near real time processing and we will be accounting for the storage required to do this.

    Thanks so much!