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Metadata Issues w/ Shoutcast DSP Plugin v2.3.5

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  • Metadata Issues w/ Shoutcast DSP Plugin v2.3.5

    Hello! So I am using Winamp v5.666 (patched) along with the Shoutcast DSP Plugin v2.3.5.

    I have successfully managed to setup the DNAS server (v2.0 protocol) on a computer and setup Winamp to stream to it. Everything in terms of the stream is working fine.

    I seem to be having a problem with metadata though. Every couple of songs I'll get a few songs that don't send their metadata. I have title updates enabled as well as artwork (in-stream and default artwork).

    So for example, maybe I'll play the first two tracks and I'll get all their metadata (artist, album, etc). Then I'll get a song that only sends <tit2> and <url>.

    I am not really sure why or how to fix this. I'll be more than happy to post whatever information will help. All I know is I need to do one of three things: Get metadata working 100% of the time, make the messed up <tit2> node read "%artist% - %album% - %title%" so I can do my own parsing, or I need to develop a plugin that will get the metadata from Winamp and update the site manually (I actually already started making a plugin, but I am having a hard time understanding the API so I don't know how to get those values).

    EDIT: I forgot to mention some additional information. I am streaming MP3 files using MP3 encoding. All of the files have the ID tags stripped except for v2.3 utf-16.

    Also regarding the messed up metadata. Let's say I have a song called "X". X might send me funky metadata the first time, but next time it comes around in rotation it will send me good metadata.