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Midi output in windows 7

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  • Midi output in windows 7

    Hi, I'm using Windows 7 64bit and I have a problem with midi files

    The playback works fine, but I can't find a way to make the midi signal go in the output graphic

    I try to be more precise: I noticed for example that Winamp, supporting the Microsoft GS Synthesizer, has 3 different devices: the default GS synthesizer and two Directmusic options that actually seems infact the GS one with more quality/effect options; one of them has "uses Winamp's Output plug-ins" and it's the only one that shows the visual bars when a midi is playing

    But actually I want to use different devices (i.e. virtual ones like BassMidi), and in the past when using windows 98/XP and my old soundcard there was a mixer with separate volumes; one was Midi, that could be selected as "source" in the sampling options of in_midi. This way I could get the "output signal" from the midi playback, but now in Windows 7 it doesn't seem possible. All I get is "microsoft sound mapper" with no options at all

    Apart from the fact that I can still listen to the midi regardless of which device I select, here is the real problem:
    I want to use another device which apparently doesn't have output options and I want to use Shoutcast. For the midi, apart from "GS+output" it seems there are no options apart from the sample/source section I mentioned before, so Shoutcast has no sound during a midi playback

    Apparently there is a trick using the "stereo mix" device from my soundcard, which can work with Shoutcast and it receives all the sound of my pc, not just Winamp (so that the midi output is not a problem). But I don't really like this solution, since the sound should relate to Winamp only (no wonder it's reported as "reccomended" in Shoutcast)

    Since GS synthetizer actually has a dedicated output solution, isn't there really a way to do the same with other devices as well?
    Or maybe the midi signal can take a different route with some Winamp plugins? Maybe some external programs that can make up for that Windows 7 mixer defection?
    Some other tricks?

    Thank you

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    You have to remember that midi isn't a music file, it's a file of keynotes, so hoping to directly stream it through shoutcast directly seems very unlikely because first you would have the notes go through a synthesizer which in turn would have to be encoded to a shoutcast compatible stream before streamed. This is why the Stereo Mix, or "What you hear" works, because all of that process is being done before it's transcoded and streamed.

    In regards to the OS changes, there was a lot of changes that occurred in windows vista vs xp. How Windows Vista and later handled audio is very differently with their Audio Stack Architecture which resulted in the removal of the kernal audio mixer which is what I believe you were referring to.
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      Yes, I was referring to that Kernel audio mixer. But it's still strange that there is no workaround inside Winamp. After all, Winamp provides the output for the GS device...


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        I believe it's because there's not enough demand for it. This is the first time I have heard of someone wanting to stream midi through shoutcast. You might be better off just turning it into an mp3 format or so and stream it that way.
        Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

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          I was able to find out a way thanks to this program:

          Virtual Audio Cable

          I'll do a little explanation just in case for possible forum/google readers since it might interest some people that needs to sort out midi/audio playback/recording problems in general even outside the scope of Winamp
          It installs some playback and recording sound devices that can be used by any program (if the program cannot select a particular output device, the default should be manually selected in Windows in advance). There are also Audio Repeater functions between devices for advanced users

          So far I used it in Winamp in conjunction with CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth or BassMidi, and choosing VAC in the sampling options of Winamp, and the DSP/Output options enabled (DSP alone might work I didn't test). Shoutcast will receive the signal inside Winamp
          CoolSoft allows in its options the VAC device to be used as Output Audio and that would do the trick even though Winamp will still enable the playback sound to be heard by the hoster because of the previous Winamp options
          For Bassmidi VAC "playback" device should be the default in Windows before starting Winamp. After launching Winamp the default playback must be switched to the standard soundcard one; this was necessary to avoid the audio signal apparently getting "duplicated"


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            That's awesome, i'm glad you found a way, and thank you for posting the solution
            Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

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