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Read Winamp mp3 rating and write to mp3 files for whole library?

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  • Read Winamp mp3 rating and write to mp3 files for whole library?

    I went through a period a year or two ago of adding ratings to songs in my Winamp library. Little did I realize that at that time, 99% of my mp3 files were set to read-only. So almost none of the ratings made it into the files.

    When I have the files set to *not* be read only and I rate a song in Winamp, I *do* see it get reflected immediately in the mp3 file now. The trouble is, I have about 2800 songs in Winamp with ratings and none of those ratings are in the files.

    Can I somehow issue a command to batch update all of the files to get their Winamp rating into the files? I'm assuming the answer is no, but I've sometimes found that it's worth asking anyway and being pleasantly surprised by being wrong.

    If the ratings are stored in a readable database (e.g. csv or xml format) and there's a command line way of adding a rating to a file, I'm handy with writing editor macros so would be perfectly building a batch file to get that done.

    Info: Windows 7 + Winamp 5.66

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    You could just sort the Songs pane in e.g. the Audio view by Rating column,
    then select all 5 star rated songs,
    right-click the first ==> Rate Items = 5

    Repeat for 4 star etc.

    Or another method would be to Search: ?rating=5

    Rate them in batches if there's too many.....

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      I tried to come back and respond to my own message a short while after posting this question but it wasn't here.

      I ended up highlighting all songs, choosing edit metadata, and then just clicked Update. That did the trick. I didn't have to select (via checkbox) any of the fields, other than the pre-checked "update file tag(s) if supported by the tagging format".

      It was embarrassingly simple and took less than a minute.


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        Nice :-)

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          winamp inexplicably does not save ratings to files by default. u have to turn that on in prefs, and then either rerate the songs as per egg or rewrite the entire tag as per the OP, but i think while easier, its also a bit more dangerous.
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