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Online Services issue.

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  • Online Services issue.

    How do you remove the confirmation dialog that you get when you click the play button in the Online Services.
    I want to be able to play to click the play button and have the radio station start playing automatically instead of having to click the damn open button button the confirmation dialog that keeps poping up.

    I tried to remove it from Internet Explorer 11 settings but there is nothing there.
    Also some methods to edit the registry to remove it, don't work anymore on IE11 and windows 10.

    Any ideas?


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    Sorry for double post, can't find the edit button. This is the dialog I am talking about.


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      I'm not a Shoutcast expert, but if you're using FIrefox, when you open a type of file for the first time (i.e. the first time u open PLS) there is an option to "always do the same with this file". If you choose Winamp then, next time it will open directly there without prompt dialog at all.

      Anyway, I think your Open dialog is not from FF.. where it is?

      PS: because of moderation reasons, you are only able to edit your posts only for some minutes after you published.
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        Its not from firefox, its from Internet explorer 11. I even uninstall IE from windows it but it keeps coming up.
        I tried to find a way to make winamp to use firefox but i couldn't find any.
        Do you get the same dialog when you try to open a radio link?


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          If you're accessing from within Winamp you won't be able to surpass the IE engine (is hard coded, sorry), you need to go the other way around.. open and when accessing the station file, you'll get (in FF*) a dialog like mine, which if you set up like I did (on the screenshot) it will open Winamp automatically.

          *on Chrome I think there is a similar dialog / option.
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            Emm, when ever I click play on firefox just starts to play the station.
            It doesn't interact with winamp what so ever.

            What I really care is to browse through stations easily, which I guess I can do that on shoutcast.

            How do I get them to play in winamp though? When i try to copy link location i always get this

            which winamp cant open.



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              NVM, I figured it out, thanks for your help Victhor.

              The forums really need an edit feature



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                Maybe you've found the same solution as me? >>

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