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Podcast RSS problem

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  • Podcast RSS problem

    wrt i'm having a problem

    It appears okay under Podcast when I add it using the RSS

    but when i click any item it won't play the Podcast MP3.

    Strangely it's fine if you copy the RSS link into Firefox etc and save the file, but can anyone help why this isn't workign in Winamp?

    any help is much appreciated. thx.

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    Anyone please able to help with this,
    another one as below, this adds okay to the podcast subscriptions but nothing will load & play when you double click or download.

    Used to work perfectly fine on the previous installs.

    Please help somebody. thx in advance.


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      The problem seems to be that Winamp is not able to make a secure connection to these servers.

      If you do Alt+3 while it's trying to connect you'll see the full https: URL. Copy this and paste it into the File-Open URL box, change it there to http: and it will play fine. Same with both podcasts.

      I have podcasts that use https links as well and Winamp plays them fine, so I don't know what's different about these.

      I'm using Winamp 5.8 build 3660 btw


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        thx, it didn't really work. I'll need to see if I can step back and use the old Winamp instead. It all worked there, doesn't with the new version sadly.