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How to start a new recording with Winamp

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  • How to start a new recording with Winamp

    Hi guys.

    Need some help.

    I'm currently doing a university radio interview show, whereby I've used Winamp to record my live shows in the past. All has been great, up 'til lately. This is because I can't get this Winamp to start new recordings, solely to play a specific file I'd previously opened, whenever I've hit play to record as I've done so in the past.

    My question is this; how do I get Winamp to start new recordings? Is there a specific way to do it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Given that I've got to start the show later on today, I'd appreciate any immediate help.

    Thank you.

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    Winamp doesn't have a record function so you have to output to WAV with the "Nullsoft Disk Writer".
    Capture the audio from the soundcard with the URL "linein://"
    If you play a file it will convert the file to WAV

    Personally I wouldn't mess about with such a hack unless needed.
    Get Audacity and do it properly
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      yeah, i use Audacity for recording. +1

      but perhaps the OP was doing stream-ripping to record his shows?
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