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Recently Played items going missing in 5.666 on Win8.1

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  • Recently Played items going missing in 5.666 on Win8.1

    Hi all,

    I'm using Winamp 5.666 on Windows 8.1 and have an issue with the tracking of recently played items. When I close and restart Winamp whole chunks of tracks are going missing from this list. It looks like some sort of session management issue as the tracks that go missing seem to be in between making changes in the state of Winamp (e.g. loading a new playlist). It's happening very regularly but not always repeatable, and often restarting Winamp another time will restore tracks that had gone missing on the previous restart (sometimes it seems like a binary thing where it will switch between two different states on every restart). The "History" view continues to work correctly all the time, such that the tracks that go missing under Recently Played are always visible here.

    As an example from the past few days – I should have items tracked from every day. However I can see that there is nothing showing at all under Recently Played for some days like the 18th, the whole period 21st to 23rd and again on the 27th this month.

    This bug also impacts on the "lastplay" Smart View query in the same way. And this is actually what is causing the main difficulty for me. As I am normally playing my collection via a Smart View which relies on keeping track of recently played items such as to exclude them ( ). So I can instantly see when there is a problem as when re-loading this Smart View the playlist suddenly becomes longer due to recently played items not being correctly tracked and excluded by the filter.

    I recall Winamp sometimes has difficult saving settings in Windows, and fixing this before on my previous Vista system by unchecking the read-only attribute in Explorer ( I have tried that again now on both the Program Files and Appdata directories, but it hasn't solved the issue. I also previously tried cleaning up my media library directory which had loads of "recent.idx.n3w0000XXXX" files filling it up. Actually I see another 9 of these have re-appeared in the past month. Could this be related?

    Any suggestions of other steps to try would be much appreciated. A work-around for Smart View filtering based on History rather than Recently Played would also be great (I don't understand why these two views work differently).

    Also, I note that Winamp 5.8 beta 3660 includes "Improved: Windows 8.1 and 10 compatibility". Does anyone know if this might be related / help with this issue? I'm not so keen to try the beta otherwise due to some of the other bugs that have been found already on it, particularly on Windows 8.1 (which I much prefer to Windows 10, so won't be moving away from an time soon).

    Or might WACUP work better? I'm interested in trying that sometime, but it still looks to be in a somewhat rough state at the moment.


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    Update time.

    So since my original post I've started backing up Winamp at the end of every day before switching off. Interestingly enough it looks like it always subsequently recovers its previous state correctly after doing this. I.e. simply the act of making the backup using Winamp Backup Tool seems to ensure that the state is properly restored next time. Or in other words, making a backup means I don't need a backup...

    This seems like a rather strange result to me, but I've done enough iterations now to make it seem conclusive. In addition, the only very few times I've since encountered the issue are on occasions when I've forgotten to make a backup. It doesn't happen every time I don't make a backup, but it just seems that there is a high chance (e.g. ~50%) that it will occur if I don't. Though I don't have so much statistical certainty in this result as I've only forgotten to make a backup a few times.

    So I guess it is somehow Windows related such that interacting with the relevant files with another program somehow ensures that the state is correctly saved? Maybe some sort of locking handle in memory from Winamp that doesn't get disconnected properly otherwise? Very odd.

    If anyone else has any experience or thoughts on this I'd be interested to hear them.