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All music files not imported

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  • All music files not imported

    I have 23,440 items in WinAmp. My Music folder on my PC has 31,108 files, almost all music (mp3, wma) files. WinMap is my default music player in Win 10 and above file types are defaults. My PC folder for Beethoven has 70 folders and 1,056 files. WinAmp has 6 albums (same as folders). Any thoughts on why this discrepancy? Many opther albums missing.

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    several reasons for not being played in Winamp

    most common a corrupt mp3 file or not a real mp3 file or another file format
    What if you drag and drop the files into Winamp?
    latest version of Winamp
    DSP Plug V2.41
    Language Packs


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      All music files not imported

      I have determined the situation. I analyzed my music file contents and determined that Winamp's count of music files was correct. In uninstalled, re-installed and re-imported and some errors were corrected. I think I have to spend significant time with WinAmp to get it the way I want it, but it seems accurate.
      Thank you: sorry for false alarm.


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        I like to compare what winamp reports to what mp3tag reports to what cmd list commands reports.

        Mp3val cleaned up most of the problems I had that were file based.

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