Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
RAM: 32 GB G-Skill Trident Royal
Sound Card: SoundBlaster AE5 with latest driver, installed this week
Video Card: Zotac RTX 3070 Twin Edge OC
OS: Windows 10 latest update (updated this week)
DirectX: 12
Winamp version: 5.8, clean install only player and playlist
Video Playback: I don't use that feature, not installed.
Inet connection: 250 meg cable down
Filetypes used: solely mp3
Browser: Chrome
Firewall: standard Windows firewall that came with Win10

Problem description:

I have a bit of a niche issue, which I want to stress is only happening in this latest version and the version prior to that. Before the last two issues, it didn't happen and I am not sure you will be able to reproduce it as it require the use of a huge amount of mp3's loaded in the playlist. And I don't mind if you can't fix it, just wanted to bring this to your attention as well as pointing me to where I can download the second latest version of Winamp as I know it doesn't occur in that.
When I load my complete collection of MP3's (and only MP3's - no other filetypes) into the playlist, which is app. 750k of MP3's, the load after a given amount of time (usually it takes up about 300 megs of ram before the list becomes visible). When the list has been loaded and I scroll down to a desired mp3 or want to do a rollcall of the mp3's that I have (yes - I do that because apparently I have no life), Winamp crashes and shuts down once I scrolled about 10k - 20k of mp3's. This happens consequently in the newest version and the version prior to that. In older versions than these two this does not happen. Again, I don't really care if you're bothered to check what is causing this issue - it can't be the amount as in prior versions this behaviour is not happening, no matter how many mp3's I throw at it, I just would like to bring this to your attention and please do point me towards a place where I can download an older version of Winamp as I can't seem to find it on your site. I will just uninstall the latest version and install the older version again. But just to be complete, here are the steps:

1. clean install Winamp 5.8 or the version prior to that
2. no extras, just the player and the playlist
3. load at least 50-60k of mp3's into the playlist
4. scroll down the playlist
5. it will crash and burn and shut down around 20-30k of mp3's scrolled.
6. this does NOT happen in version 5.5 or any version that is the second last to 5.8, I seem to remember that the issue started in version 5.6 - I've used that one to load nearly a million mp3's in it and it works fine; no crashing when scrolling down for extended periods.

Just thought you needed to know this as I think this is a bug.

If you're not going to fix this, please let me know where I can find older versions of Winamp. Thanks!