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  • Alert for buggy files in playlist

    Hi Winamp lovers,

    When files can't be played by winamp for any reasons, is there a way to be alerted and see easily the file concerned? For example could winamp stop playing each time it drop on one of them? Or log them somewhere? Or also show in advance files having path problems please?

    Thank you for having read.

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    When a TTA file is on a playlist but it the file itself is absent - then Winamp stops and spits a message box

    Other than that file format Winamp will just skip over and play another one

    That is the only think that I can think of in regard to your question


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      Thank you for your share. I use a lot the History window of winamp and its normal behavior when we have an enormous playlist and some items have been modified in the explorer is causing me very big troubles. I'm hoping that there is a plugin (or any other mean) somewhere to stop the playback at the encounter of these items or logging them. Otherwise, things can become very complicated if we had just physically modified a file. Since many years, my only choice is to find myself all these files.