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Streaming from Synology NAS

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  • Streaming from Synology NAS

    Hello community,

    Is anyone else using a NAS and found a way to actually stream music from it in Winamp?

    What I mean by that is to play near-instantly a song and downloading it in background. Currently music I send to Winamp from my mapped network share (WebDAV) gets downloaded first, then played.

    I reduced the annoying pause in between track change by bumping the buffer to 3s but it would be even nicer if it would stream songs instantly.

    Is this possible at all?


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    not sure but I chose to just use DS Audio
    I do know DSM has streaming/mediaserver options, but I never bothered messing with it.
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      That's also what I'm considering

      As many other users here Winamp has been my goto app for my music library for years so I wanted to see if someone went the extra mile to make that work but I'm not getting my hopes too high.

      To your knowledge is there any DS Audio desktop app? I've searched and all I'm seeing is people suggesting to create a Chrome shortcut.