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Removing Media Library-area from Winamp 5.8?

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  • Removing Media Library-area from Winamp 5.8?

    Hi, how could I remove the Media Library area completely from the Winamp 5.8?

    My goal is to see my desktop view (instead of the big Media Library area of Winamp 5.8)
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    One solution is: switch to another skin. Many skins can be downloaded/found. They often look nice and special.

    You're currently using Bento. As far as I know, Bento will always remain a rectangled unit.

    But built-in already, aside from Bento, is the Modern skin! The Modern skin is more modular than Bento. You can turn panes off and on, and resize each.

    Try and see how to change the skin, and if it suits you. Let us know!

    P.S.: the Modern skin has a built-in set of colour schemes. It's limited to some 20 themes; but with it, you can customize the colours a bit.

    Let us know if you have questions, and/or if it helps!
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      in bento, lower right button under the playlist, collapse window. alt+L
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