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Windows 10 problem

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  • Windows 10 problem

    I have been using Winamp on Windows 7 for many years without an problems.I had Winamp set up nicely to suit my needs.

    I recently installed Windows 10 and now my Winamp is all bundled up in the corner of thr screen. It does not seem to have drag handles to enable me to move and resize the various windows of Winamp.

    I even tried to uninstall it to see if a reinstallation would solve my problem, but it would not uninstall when using the Control Panel function.

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    winamp should be deleted if you are using windows apps, be sure to remove the winamp folder on your hard drive and do a clean install of winamp 5.666

    if you can't delete it in the windows apps than your windows is not installed in the right way or you didn't use admin rights.
    latest version of Winamp
    DSP Plug V2.41
    Language Packs