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taking playlists back to winamp

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  • taking playlists back to winamp


    I'm probably asking too much...

    I now manage my ipod using Winamp and would love to export my old playlists from my ipod to Winamp. These were created using iTunes ages ago, so have no Winamp equivalent.

    Unfortunately, rather obviously simply saving the playlist from the ipod and importing to Winamp won't work as the filepaths will all be different than the arbitrary ipod file system. Unfortunately, I can't go back to iTunes to export the lists in m3u format as the old computer is gone and iTunes will try to reformat my ipod.

    Is there ANY way, however convoluted, whereby I can automatically create a Winamp playlist from the ipod playlist? Maybe by matching file tags? I am worried that my ipod is getting a bit old and that when it dies, there go my playlists!

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    have a look at -->

    you might find your answer there.
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    DSP Plug V2.41
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