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"play next"/"queue next" function? and more...

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  • "play next"/"queue next" function? and more...

    ok i feel stupid now.

    i'm in the media library playlist, in the local library view, where i have all music.

    i'm playing a song, and now i want a certain song to play next.

    so i rightclick that song and click on "enqueue selection". makes sense, no?

    so the current song ends, and.... the song that i enqueued, does not play. it jumps to another random song.

    and while i'm at it: i have the big bento skin. so i have the time on the top left, with song on on the top right. and there is HUGE black space in between. why is this black space not used to show the artist and song name? see attachment. i crudely circled the area that i mean - why cant we have the artist/song information shown there in a bigger font?
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    And I feel stupid for asking... but you did check whether the "shuffle" mode had been turned on by accident. Of course you did!

    (I, very often, turn on "always on top" by accidental shortkey. )

    I don't use Bento skin that often, so I can't comment on your other question (as in: I don't know why that large space might be there).
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      regarding the last point, the songticker area is widened if the player window is also stretched, so for longer titles it has more room, and why we cant have that, simple: no one's working on it and the next winamp will ditch the skins :-)
      May or may not attempt to push WACUP to you, totally not, no. Why would I even?
      And may or may not also have told you so...