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plugin resets parameters every time you restart Windows

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  • plugin resets parameters every time you restart Windows

    got the awesome WinampMixerMasterWeedWizard plugin, which upmixes stereo to 5.1

    but, every time you restart Windows it resets all the settings. 5.1 is put back to stereo and all the other stuff in the plugin gets reset too. I have to redo everything.

    I suppose this same issue applies to other plugins too.

    how do you make the settings persistent?

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    Uninstall Winamp (no need to remove the user data) and reinstall it into it's own top-level folder, ie. C:\Winamp.

    This solves a lot of problems with older plugins.


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      didn't work


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        Sounds like a plugin issue, I would try a different plugin. I have used Matrix Mixer with good results, but in the end, I find it's better to just use directsound and let my soundcard software fill the speakers to 5.1
        Current Setup: Windows 10 Pro, Sound Blaster Z, Logitech Z-5500, Winamp v5.666.3516

        Get wacup


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          Try deleting/renaming Winamp\paths.ini
          or change the inidir={26}\Winamp line to point to the install folder instead of AppData\Winamp

          Lots of older plugins don't support the 5.x multi-user feature,
          so will be trying to write settings to a non-existent/unrecognized .ini in the install folder ...

          And yes, not using C:\Program Files... for the installation folder will also help because %ProgramFiles% doesn't have write permissions by default - though you can just give the C:\Program Files (x86\Winamp folder write & modify permissions via:
          Properties => Security tab => Edit => Users...

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