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    Im new to winamp, ex itunes user. My PC is a windows 10 and phones / tablets are androids. searching around, winamp was best bet. installed it today on PC, latest version .ponted it at my music file, no problem. made a playlist. Ready to rock!!! click play button ... no music .... nothing but a message "restart playback". rightclick a song on the playlist, it picks it up and names it in the playbox but does not play.

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    what format is the song? does it have DRM? what output plugin are you using?
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      I think 5.8 hasn't support for this type of AAC/M4A files from apple (i don't know the type). There was full-support in Nullsoft-AOL releases
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      I think it is a 5.8 thing (codecs), as you said " installed it today on PC, latest version".

      Also, can you check the output settings? I remember Directsound having issues.

      If not, you can install 5.666 which has the proper decoders for AAC/M4A
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