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Ratings based on ranking/charting services like Billboard

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  • Ratings based on ranking/charting services like Billboard

    I have not been able to find anything in this Winamp forum on plugins, etc., for inputting ratings based on third-party music ranking or charting services like Billboard, for example, using keywords like rank, ranking, chart, charts, charting, billboard...

    Is this not the right forum for me to be looking for this?

    Am I using the wrong keywords?

    I'm at a loss.


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    ? you want your songs rated by a third party?

    not sure i've ever seen that anywhere but i do my own ratings. it would be cool if winamp would support the email part of TCMP so multiple ratings could go in a file.
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      Related to my interest in weighted random (probabilistic) shuffling.

      I have 20,000+ songs and as a first pass I thought I would rate them by someone else's rating, ranking, or charting.