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Settings for visualization of the volume levels

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  • Frank3000
    No, replay gain was already on and in the suggested mode,
    but that don't make any difference as I expected. in other modes neither,
    sorry to say but kinda useless and the replay gain settings are making it unnecessary complicated. On my mp3 player same thing.

    I just found out there is already a visualisation for the volume,
    in the middle of the box there 7 or 8 bars from big to small and big again.
    So that's problem solved, too bad I can't make that box bigger, I"ll have to use the magnifier. I'm laying down in my couch and my eyes are 1,5 metres away from my pc screen... anyway thanks

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  • Mikey7
    You might want to try normalizing the volume of your mp3s with Replay Gain, found in preferences under "Playback," under the "Replay Gain" tab. I would use the default setting, "Apply Gain/Prevent Clipping." Try this on a few tracks and see if this doesn't resolve your issue with big differences in volume between files. The settings are applied to metadata - no changes are made to the mp3 itself. They can be removed using an mp3 tagger if you decide not to use them OR, you can merely turn off Replay Gain. Replay Gain settings are recognized by a wide-variety of other music players.
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  • Frank3000
    started a topic Settings for visualization of the volume levels

    Settings for visualization of the volume levels

    A disadvantage of playing mp3's with Winamp is that some have different volume levels.

    A visualisation on screen to see if there are any differences in volume would be nice, how can I get that?

    Something that looks like the green and red leds on my mixer.

    So when I pre-listen the songs I wanna play, I can not only hear but also see if the levels are the same .

    One more question: how can I make the box on top left bigger and visually better.
    ( I don't mean the titles size, that I know)

    Photo of the box on top left on my pc screen

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