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FLAC-Support in Winamp 5.9 RC1

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  • FLAC-Support in Winamp 5.9 RC1


    today I updated my Winamp-installation on Windows 10 from Winamp 5.8 to latest 5.9 RC1.

    MP3-files play fine, but it is NOT playing FLAC-files correctly, which were previously working fine too.

    I am sorry, but it has been ages since I last touched my Winamp-installation.
    I can't remember, if there was native support for FLAC or if I had to install a FLAC-plugin.

    At the moment there is no plugin loaded at all. When I open a FLAC-file only strange sounds come out the speakers. The song-length is not shown correctly, seeking is not working and so on.

    Do I have to do anything to get FLAC working again?

    Thank you

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    FLAC playback works fine for me with Winamp 5.9

    Native components:


    The LibFLAC library is now statically linked inside in_flac.dll
    The installer should delete any instances of libflac.dll found in the root/Plugins/Shared folders.

    Please could you post your Winamp Info Tool log
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      Thank you for the information regarding the Winamp Info Tool.
      Attached you should find the Winamp Info Report inside the ZIP-file.

      I do NOT have a the mentioned files "Plugins\in_flac.dll" and "Shared\nxlite.dll".
      The file "Shared\jnetlib.dll" is present.
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        Run the 5.9 installer again.

        On the "Choose Components" page, make sure FLAC is selected.

        It looks like you previously unchecked everything under: Multimedia Engine => Audio Playback

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          Thank you - Problem solved!

          I find it strange, because I did select "Previous Installation" as type of install on purpose, to keep everything as it was.
          I am sure, that WMA, MIDI, OGG, FLAC and WAV for example were working before and I don't think I ever unselected any of those in the previous installation ...
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            Good to hear it's now all fixed :-)

            Previous Installation is supposed to just read from an existing install.ini in the installation folder.
            Maybe it's broken? I'll take a look...

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