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What is the url of the directory inside winamp?

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  • What is the url of the directory inside winamp?

    Hello there,

    Was asking the url of the directory inside Online Services section in winamp because last update it broke, and now i cannot access it, therefore at least for me, from winamp, i cannot search for new radiostations.

    Has this happend to you before?

    What is the url of the shoutcast directory inside winamp? i'm asking it to install it manually on my online services section in winamp.

    Did you know some other online services than you manage to connect to winamp? if so, which one and how would you connect it?

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    The url is:
    but it's currently missing, so you can't manually add it either.

    Everyone who can fix it is apparently on vacation...
    Hopefully we'll get it fixed asap.

    And yes, it has happened before...
    It disappears every time there's a major update to

    For now, you can try manually adding:

    Playlist | Twitter | Albums


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      The listings are back! now redirects to:

      Playlist | Twitter | Albums


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        Yep, the online service has returned, thank you