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All Albumart disappeared from files after updating Winamp.

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  • All Albumart disappeared from files after updating Winamp.

    Yesterday I opened Winamp and got the prompt to download the latest version 5.9.1 which I did and then installed it, updated from version 5.9.0 - 9999.
    Once installed all my music files album art disappeared in windows explorer and have reverted to the standard winamp file icon. The album art still shows in Winamp just no longer in windows explorer after the update.

    I have tried doing everything I can find online to get them back but nothing works, tried deleting and rebuilding icon cache, checked the folder view and visual effects to make sure thumbnail view is switched on etc. Also uninstalled Winamp and went back to previous version to no avail.

    I run a dual boot system and when booting into the other Windows SSD the album art is present on all my music files so I know they haven't been removed from the tag data, I checked this by running mp3tag and the album art is still attached to each file.
    I haven't yet updated Winamp on this other partition (still on 5.9.0 - 9999) as I don't want to lose all the album art on both Windows partitions!

    Is there any way to get the album art back viewable in explorer?

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    this is a weird one, and frustrating i'm sure.

    set windows to show hidden and system files. lets make sure there are no art Folder.jpg type files in the folders.

    do u mainly use embedded tag art?

    does the art still show in winamp?

    when does windows show the last windows updates were done, and what were they? how does that compare to the other partition?
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      Hi MrSinatra

      Hidden files are currently shown and there are folder.jpg's as these are something I create manually for each album and place them in the folder so the folders have the appropriate cover art on them, I did try moving the folder.jpg out of the folder completely to see if it made any difference, sadly not.

      All my music I tag the album art using mp3tag and as above they do show up in mp3tag and the albumart does show in Winamp when playing.

      1 SSD, the one with working album art and not yet updated Winamp has Win7 on, the other SSD is Win10, both all up to date.