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Problem removing Folders from the Library

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  • Problem removing Folders from the Library

    Winamp 5.9.1
    I originally had the library pointing to two folders (Y:\Folder1 and D:\Folder2)
    I realized that I didn't want folder D: and removed it under Preferences (CTRL+P)
    This it did and left only Y:\Folder1 showing in the panel.
    I then forced a rescan (Rescan Now), however the Albums and tracks are still appearing in the main selection panels and I can select them for the playlist and they also play.
    I have closed the app and reopened it but the Albums and Tracks are still visible, can be selected an also be played.
    Automatically remove missing files’ is checked.
    Preferences>Local Librray>Watch Folders still only shows the Y:\ folder but tracks from the originally D:\ folder are still active.
    How do I refresh the metadata/indexing?