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Shortcut Issue (CTRL+N)

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  • Shortcut Issue (CTRL+N)

    I am trying to determine why the shortcut to clear the Playlist does not work for me as I think is intended.
    When I use the CTRL+N with tracks in the playlist, nothing happens.
    If I highlight the tracks and then use the shortcut the tracks are cleared.
    I may be wrong but my assumption is that CTRL+N should clear the tracks without having to highlight them.
    If highlighting is required then in my view it’s not really a shortcut as you can remove individual tracks with right click ‘Remove Item(s)’.
    I have already raised this (not via this forum) and received an answer from DJ Egg, saying it cannot be replicated.
    However I’m keen to find out why this particular shortcut does not work as intended on my PC. There are no issues with CTRL+N being used with Notepad or Firefox. (New page/New Tab)
    I am running Win 10 Prof with BitDefender as my security – Winamp 5.9.1.
    Does anyone else have this config and does the shortcut work for you?

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    I have now realized that the shortcut will clear if the Playlist has focus.
    e.g. If you double click on an album, which puts all tracks into the playlist, and then use CTR+N without clicking within the playlist, nothing happens.
    If you then click on any track, bringing the playlist into focus, the shortcut will work.
    Similarly if you start a playlist using the player (Top left) rather than double clicking on the track directly within the playlist, again the shortcut will not work, even if the entire list plays through.
    This then may be a very minor bug.