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trubbelz with 5.9.1

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  • trubbelz with 5.9.1

    I recently upgraded to 5.9.1. I'd been having some audible weirdness during internet traffice so I was trying to eliminate any possibilties.

    the audible weirdness is gone, but the upgrade has some pecliarities.

    first the "enqueue to winamp" doesn't appear in the File-Explorer context menu. I looked at the prefs in WA and don't see an option to turn that (back) on. I may have missed that option when upgrading, yes?

    second: the two lossless formats I use (wav and flac) now show as Type: URL: Winamp Command Handler. They used to show as WAV and FLAC. the change appears to be making other apps (eg Audition) to not like the files. Any insights here?

    third: the extension .m3u8 (also now of the type URL: Winamp Command Handler). These used to play upon loading into winamp. A double click of the icon (on desktop) used to kick that off nicely. 2-click no longer does anything. I can right-click and open with ... ok. and then click play in WA.

    Is this just a todgy install and retry or are these known issues with 5.9.1 thanks folks.

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    Please install the Update Patch for 5.9.1 which fixes the URL: Winamp Command Handler issue
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      Oh! Thank you! It works! In general, that's so unusual these days.