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  • MMSYSTEM002 err0r

    I keep getting this "mmsystem002 a device your using is out of range bla bla" error everytime I try to play a song in Winamp. I know this has something to do with the little yellow speaker icon not appearing on the Taskbar, but how do I fix it? I've tried new drivers and everything, plz help, this silence is killing me.

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    Check this thread from the Tech Supports Greatest Hits forum.
    Read-only forum with answers to the most commonly asked newbie techsupport questions pulled from all the other forums. Check here for basic Winamp support answers before digging into the forums.

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      I've tried all of that,changing the output etc etc.....I've read all the MMSYSTEM inquiries but still no luck


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        Can we have some system specs please
        Especially : CPU + ClockSpeed | RAM | Soundcard | Windows OS

        To make the "little yellow speaker" appear, goto:
        MultiMedia Control Panel and place a checkmark next to
        Show Volume Control in Taskbar.
        If that doesn't work, the executable is:

        You probably have to go in to "Options -> Properties" and make sure everything is selected for use, for both "Playback" and "Recording". Be sure to return to "Playback" b4 exiting.

        If it's not this, then post a reply & we'll take it from there.
        Maybe you're missing a few codecs or Windows multimedia devices ?

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          Okay I have a O166 w/ 64 mb RAM.....what's a clockspeed?(i have a feeling its something very obvious) my souncard is SoundBlaster 16 or something and OS is Win 98.

          The box you are talking about is marked....but I can't change anything in Multimedia Settings because everything is locked out when there's no yellow speaker in the taskbar......I tried running that address but that didn't work either. Would taking out and re-plugging the soundcard work? and what is a codec.....thanks

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            codec = compressor decompressor [for audio & video]
            Usually, the ACM & AX files [some DLL's too] in the System dir.

            CPU + clockspeed would be (eg. in my case) Intel Pentium 11 @ 266MHz.
            What's O166 exactly ?
            Goto System Control Panel -> General tab for details !

            Anyway, hmmmmm, SB16's are a bit old, but should still be compatible.
            You might want to consider upgrading to any of SB32 | SB64 | SBLive | etc.

            Do you have problems playing songs with Media Player, or is it just Winamp ?

            What filetypes are you trying to play ?
            MP3 | WAV | MID | AudioCD | other
            Does anything work on Winamp ?

            The best thing to do would be:
            1. Place your Win98 CD-ROM in the drive.
            2. Goto : Add/Remove Programs Control Panel -> Windows SetUp tab
            3. Hi-lite "MultiMedia Components" and click on "Details"
            4. Make sure there's a checkmark next to Audio Compression, Video Compression, and Media Player, and that nothing is greyed out.
            5. Click "Okay" & let Windows do it's thing.

            If any components were missing, Windows will load them and then auto reboot.

            You might now want to re-install the (latest) drivers for your SB16.

            Confirm everything is enabled & working by going to:

            1. System Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Sound controllers
            Hi-lite soundcard entries -> Properties
            Make sure "Exists in all hardware profiles" is checkmarked.
            Especially make sure that no conflicts are listed under Resources tab.

            2. MultiMedia Control Panel -> Devices tab
            Under "Audio Compression Codecs" & "Media Control Devices", hi-lite each entry in turn and click "Properties".
            Make sure that "Use this device/codec" is checkmarked.

            This applies to everything except Laserdisk & VCR [MC Devices section].
            Only checkmark these if you have the actual hardware.

            "Okay" everything & Reboot when finished.

            Under "Media Control Devices":
            Is there an entry in there for Wave Audio Device (Media Control)?

            If none of this works, then the only other thing I can think of is that there's some problem with your actual hardware setup.
            Is everything properly connected ?
            If there was any conlicts listed in Device Manager, click "Remove" for the guilty device and totally shutdown your pc.
            If it's a COM Port device, open up your pc and move it to another spare slot.
            Windows will redetect it on bootup, so have your necessary drivers disk/s at hand.

            There's also a chance that there's a problem with your DOS BIOS setup, but I ain't going in to that here . . . maybe someone else would like to explain . . . ouch !

            End of mini novel.
            Over & out !

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              Hey......I'll try everything you said and if it doesn't work, bleh, I dunno what I'll do. O166 is a stupid typo, its meant to be P166. Well thanks for all the help so far, I'll let you know how it goes.



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                Heh..whoops forgot to answer your questions.
                I've tried d/ling the latest drivers (first thing I did) but that didn't work. I'm trying to play mp3's basically on Winamp. All sound on the computer doesn't work...I can play CD'ss by plugging headsphones into the headphone socket thingy at the front of the CD-rom drive....


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                  If you can't hear any sounds at all thru' your speakers then I'd say it's definitely a soundcard related problem. Open up your pc & check it's connected properly. Maybe something's blown ?
                  If you're not 100% sure, it'd probably be wiser to get someone experienced & qualified to service your pc.

                  Good luck !

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                    i have the same problem but when i reboot mi pc it has sound then i open some aplications (example q3) then when i close and open them again the sone is gone , i can modifi the volume things couse i say i dont have any sound device instaled , i tried looking in the plug ins , and in the wav one i have a devices named something like ||||asa|| and that kinda of thing....