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Winamp for converting midi to wave format

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  • Winamp for converting midi to wave format

    After trying a couple of programs that were supposed to accomplish this feat and failed, I was thrilled to find great success with Winamp with the conversion process. It worked beautifully, and my efforts resulted in some great CD's. However, suddenly, I can't get any sound when I attempt to use Winamp to even listen to a track. I keep getting a "synthcore error" message, and I have no idea what this means. I tried to find an answer to my problem through the windows help area, and they said something about a missing codec. If there is anyone out there who might be able to enlighten me as to the source of this problem, and the solution, I sure would appreciate it.

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    what exactly are you trying to do ? just play a MIDI file in Winamp3 ? do other MIDI players (eg. old Winamp v2.x) work correctly for you ? full system specs ?


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      Converting midi to wave

      Peter, I am trying to record midi tracks on line and save them to my disk. I have been saving them to my disc, and then using Winamp 278 to convert the midi format to wave, so that I could get them onto a CD. I do not have any other winamps besides the 278, which has always serviced me very well. I am on Windows 98 OS, have pentium 4. At this time, I can't even get Winamp to play a track. The sound is not there. Winamp looks like it's going to work because the time progresses, and everything else looks like it's working....except the volume. I am at a complete loss as to what synthcore error means.


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        ok, i'm confused now
        you're using old Winamp v2.78, right ? why did you post it on a Winamp v3.x feature requests forum then ?
        define what you mean "I attempt to use Winamp to even listen to a track." - you get that error when you try to play any file, or only MIDI files ? what sound card do you have ? have you installed this (it's a pack of post-v2.78 bugfixes) ?


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          Midi to wave conversion

          Thank you, Peter, for your response. I didn't realize that I posted under the wrong Winamp model. I am a newcomer to this site. I use winamp primarily for midi files because it gives me the ability to convert the format to wave. I have many tracks that I have already saved on my disc, but Winamp will not play them. Winamp sound does not work on listening to a track or recording it on line. Everything works except the sound. I use real player for other files, and of course, windows media. I was unable to open the page you suggested. I got the message that "This page cannot be displayed." The soundcard I use is Soundmax 3.0. The Midi Music Synthesizer is defaulted at 4 MB General Midi.


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            try that link again, it works perfectly for me (is routing being stupid again ? there have been weird problems with recently, but they're all gone now).


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              Winamp conversion of Midi to Wave

              Thank you very much, Peter. I did get to the blorp website, and I did download the wa2update and midi-in plugin. However, still no luck. Now I get a message that says, "license is invalid". I don't know what this means.


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                never seen anything like that before. it might help to click "reset" button in MIDI plug-in config; you can also try switching MIDI devices, etc.


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                  Maybe worth mentioning....
                  Is the correct Output plugin selected?
                  Winamp Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Plugins -> Output:
                  Select one of Nullsoft WaveOut or DirectSound.

                  Apart from all that, definitely check the MIDI input plugin config as suggested above by Peter.

                  There's also a chance that you need to reinstall your soundcard/chip drivers, preferably the latest available versions.

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                    if she's playing MIDIs all time, it's no use messing with output config. it's definitely caused by soundcard drivers, but there might be a way to workaround it without reinstalling them.