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Multi channel output works..sometimes

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  • Multi channel output works..sometimes

    I was running winamp 2.78 for a while with a creative soundblaster xgamer and klipsh promedia 5.1's. Winamp only supports up to 4 speaker out, which all of us know, and mp3's are only in stereo. I downloaded the a3d output pluggin and i got my center channel to work! It wasnt true 5.1, but it makes a considerable difference with the sound volume and soundstaging. I got the center channel to work untill i had to reinstall winamp, then i got it to work again with the same pluggin. I dont know how i did it, but it worked twice. I recently reformatted my computer, and now i dont remember how i did it. Can someone help me to get my center channel working again? And the direct sound output doesn't work for center channel speakers, and the creative playcenter's cmss sucks a**. Please help me, i want my center channel back.

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    The a3d output plugin is a third party plugin not affiliated with Nullsoft, so it's pretty hard for us to provide technical support for it. Your best bet is to read the FAQ at the site from which you downloaded it.
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      Got it to work

      Haha, i got it to work again. I dont know what did last time, but what i did this time is made the preset to steroe, moved the box in front of me, and the two on the sides exactly to the right and left, and i get my center channel. It is a mixed channel, but hey, 5 speakers is a lot better than 4 speakers. For all you 5.1 speaker owners who cant get a center channel working through winamp, check out the a3d output plugin.