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can't recieve streaming audio - just keeps buffering

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  • can't recieve streaming audio - just keeps buffering


    I've been trying to get streaming audio to work with Winamp for a while. The main stream I want is from SomaFM (GrooveSalad) but I also use DigitallyImported and I've been forced to use the piece of crap that is RealPlayer...

    I've tried various versions of Winamp but all it does is go round in circles trying to connect, on older versions I used to get the http/mpeg popup box appearing continuously over and over again. I'm behind a firewall at work and I use ZoneAlarm at home, so if anyone can give some setup pointers I'd be very grateful...


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    can you play and hear mp3's in Winamp?
    -Jay | Radio


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      The problem's not in the Box, it's in the band.

      Do you have enough bandwitdth for the streaming audio and are you downloading/browsing other things at the same time.

      What kind of connection do you have? What is your buffer size set at?

      I had that problem a lot at school when there wasn't enough bandwidth because the lab monkeys were downloading MP3's and videos like mad.

      Also you might want to try a lower bitrate.



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        my settings

        Hi again,

        I'm on a 900mhz Athlon 256mb RAM running Win2k Pro.

        At work we have a 2mb pipe. I have no problems getting the 128kb streams thru RealPlayer, when it eventually decides it wants to actually play the .pls files. At home I have a cable modem, 1mb. I'm using ZoneAlarm as a firewall. Again I can stream thru Real Player comfortably, once it gets going.

        As for buffer size, etc I haven't changed ANY settings. I'm currently happily running Winamp 2.65 (I've had issues with every release after that one, long playlists would suddenly skip forward about 20 tracks for no reason, so I went back to this one).

        Yes, I can play mp3 with no trouble at all - I'm listening to a cd full at the moment...

        Any advice on settings for buffer and firewall would be appreciated...



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          What is your output plugin set to? Also I'm moving this to WA2_TS since they are more familiar with the listener's side of things.



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            you need to allow the IP and port access through your firewall.
            I know Black Ice and Norton. But most firewall aps run under the same concept.

            Sounds like a firewall issue to me.


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              Hm...well, I was going to post the same problem as 2surreal when I saw this thread, so I have the same problem.

              I personally don't believe that this is a firewall issue. I use Black ICE and disabled it, but the problem still occurs. Maybe it is really a buffer problem. Can anybody tell me where I can change the buffer settings?

              2surreal maybe should also shut his firewall down to test if that's the problem.


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                I use Norton, just disabled the firewall, and get the same problem. Just buffering and buffering. On two different stations. I have DSL
                Winamp 5.5


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                  Please provide the url's for these stations
                  (sorry, I've had a long day and don't feel like searching for them at the mo)

                  What happens if you rt click the "tune in" / "listen" link, select "copy shortcut" and paste it into Winamp's "Open Location" box? Does it still have problems connecting?

                  As a result of this, if there's more than one stream url for the same station in the playlist, do any of the other ones work?

                  Do you all have RealPlayer 8 or higher installed?

                  Are your settings correct in Winamp Prefs -> Setup -> Connection type?
                  (eg. LAN is selected for lan/cable/adsl/T1-3 connections)

                  Do you get any error messages?

                  Have you installed any 3rd-party plugins?
                  Particularly any mp3 input replacements, eg. mp3pro, mad, in_mpg123, etc

                  Any gen_*.dll plugins installed?

                  2.81 users:
                  Have you installed the official wa2update patch yet?
                  If not, do so now.

                  Sorry, we don't support older versions.

                  MP3 Streaming Buffer settings can be adjusted via:
                  Prefs (Ctrl+P) -> Plugins -> Input:
                  MPEG Audio Decoder (in_mp3.dll) -> config -> Streaming tab

                  Global buffer settings can be adjusted in:
                  Prefs -> Plugins -> Output:
                  WaveOut -or- DirectSound (whichever of the 2 you're using) -> config

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                    #1 or


                    No matter which url I put in it does the same thing. This is for these two stations that I know of. Others I can get.

                    Only plugin so far: Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin v1.0.3b for Winamp

                    My preferences are correct (LAN)

                    I tried to download the wa2update but got error for all three components saying error opening file for writing. Had to abort for all three components: WAV plug-in, WAV-out plug-in, DirectSound Plug-in.

                    I have RealPlayer G2, but have deleted the .exe file so I don't get all the ad stuff.
                    Winamp 5.5


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                      What? Are these stations in RealAudio format?
                      If so, I've no way of testing them!
                      Sorry, but I boycotted all RealPlayer evil a long time ago.
                      /me goes to take a look

                      Phew, they're normal pls/mp3 streams . . . phew!

                      It keeps buffering all the time for me also.
                      The problem is with the radio station's site/server.
                      Contact them for support, there's nothing we can do about it.
                      Like you said, all other Shoutcast stations are working ok . . .

                      As for wa2update patch, it will only install if winamp is closed first.

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                        Wrks Fine 4Me

                        I just tried both URL's with Winamp 2.8 and they work just nifty. However I wonder if the fact that they both reside in Korea has anything to do with it?

                        At this point, if I were you, I would just wipe off WinAmp and re-install. Maybe some of the files have become corrupt on your computer.


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                          Bingo. Thanks DJ, I installed the w2update patch as you said. #1 works just fine now. The other happens to be down at the moment, but I'm sure it will be ok. Thanks again!
                          Winamp 5.5