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  • Stuttering/skipping

    I have noticed periodic and sporadic stuttering when playing MP3's through winamp. This happens occasionally. The only way to stop is for me to power down and reboot the computer. Does winamp leave residual in RAM that would cause this? What is the solution?

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    winamp does not have a memory leak.

    go to preferences -> options and slide the process priority class all the way over to realtime. then go to the mpeg audio input plugin and change it's thread priority to highest. now try playing your music again. if it still skips, go to preferences -> plugins -> output. double click on the plugin that is highlighted (either waveout or directsound) slide the buffer slider to the right and try playing your music again. if it still skips, go back and move the slider to the right some more. continue until your music stops skipping or you get all the way to the right hand side. if you're still skipping at this point, try closing other excess programs that might be open.

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      I'm running Win 2000 with 2.64 and all the priorities amped up to max with the same problem.

      When I go to IE and load a page I can quickly get stuttering. Didn't happen with previous versions.


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        nick: i am running 2.64 with win2000 and i don't have any skips with normal priorities. try increasing your buffer in the waveout plug-in. that might help. if it still skips, refer to this faq page for a quick explaination.

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          I'm having the exact same problems. It didn't do that in earlier versions and now I have 2.76 and it still does it. Winamp will play fine for about 10 minutes and then start skipping bad. If I try to run another program with it it totally unusable! I posted a message in the bug report forum but it never showed up. I hope this message shows up. If knows what to do please let me know. I have Cyrix 233Mhz, 64MRam, Soundblaster AWE64.


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            May I ask why Realtime and High quality output is not recomended? I am on a slow machine and it stopps all of my skipping problems, but why would it be not recomended it if solves so many problems? Does it have a bad effect on my computer?


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              I take that back...

              After going to a page that was really long. Scrolling down did the exact same thing... make the sound garble together.

              I guess I'll be shopping for a new sound card soon...


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                When I am playing mp3 it plays fine, but as soon as I move my otpical the music skips until I stop moving the mouse.

                Any solutions please email me on [email protected]



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                  Please don't revive ancient threads.
                  No-one will email you either

                  Sticky: Troubleshooters...Read This First!

                  No sound, skippy/choppy playback, 2-speakers only, high VM usage, etc.

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                  If the problem persists, start a new thread and include all relevant system specs, including:
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