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  • Album covers

    There are so many built in plugins with Winamp 5. A good cover viewer is essential !!!

    In the options it must be possible to enter a universal cover file title or to select individual covers for each album. The cover should stretch to fit the box, and the box should be scaleable as well as skinable.


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    I was thinking the same thing!

    Windows Media Player is able to show covers, so should Winamp.

    btw, Media player stores a JPG called "folder.jpg" in the same folder as the wma/mp3 files.

    It would be cool if WinAmp had a media Library window that shows the folder.jpg file and the title of the album.

    Dont know about the Skinning of the cover, it would be nice if the folder.jpg bitmap showed up in the background (transparent) in the Playlist Editor (behind the track listings)


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      Plugin Search: Cover


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        I use the Cover&Tag plugin for years now. The album cover is something WinAmp should have implemented a long time ago.

        Besides the cover it will provide the Tag info like title, genre, year and last but not least it will check the integrity of the file! For more info, see:

        So when WinAmp decide to implement such a basic function, I'll dump the good old 2.81 version.


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          It's been implemented for a long time.
          Assuming your files are correctly tagged, you can see the album cover in the minibrowser window (2.x), aka: Library -> Now Playing (in 5.x), or via the Show Info button in the Library views.

          But, if you're still on a dial-up modem connection (not always connected dsl/cable) and you cannot permanently access these features, then the only other alternative is to use one of the plugins. That's how Nullsoft would probably implement it anyway, so why bother if there's already a bunch of decent plugins available to do the job? What difference does it make if it's a Nullsoft's plugin or a 3rd-party one, in 2.81 or 2.9x or 5.x ???

          Then again, you can always select 'not connected to the internet' in the Prefs and edit/use winampmb.htm instead, ot just browse your folders via: Now Playing > More > Open Url > file://x:/path/to/music
          Further info/tips here

          Apart from that, there's plenty of decent plugins available...
          Cover&Tag, Toaster, AlbumList2, etc etc.

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            Yeah, Winamp5 does an awsome job at showing album covers by default, without plugins.


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              I'd rather it was built in.

              Originally posted by DJ Egg
              It's been implemented for a long time.
              Assuming your files are correctly tagged, you can see the album cover in the minibrowser window (2.x), aka: Library -> Now Playing (in 5.0), or in the Info box in the Library views.
              But that has all this... stuff. Ads and hyperlinks and all kinds of crap.

              All I want is the album cover, and I don't want to pull it down from the web, I want it from ID3v2 tag or the cover.jpg file.

              There's a "cover" plugin that does this pretty well, but it doesn't quite match the Winamp UI and it's not real easy to turn it on or off, as it would be if it was a built-in Winamp component.


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                Yeah, but a "built-in" winamp component would just be a plugin,
                like any other.

                btw, there's no ads in Now Playing.
                All hyperlinks are artist/album related,
                apart from one link to
                And if you click the actual cover, then the page changes to one with a larger cover image with artist, album, tracklist info, and very little else.

                Beats me why anyone would want to just look at an album cover anyway.
                Give me Milkdrop any day

                Besides, if you look at that page for the Cover & Tag plugin,
                you'll see the section further down about skinning the plugin.
                I guess that, when WA5 is released, this will need updating to also work with modern skins. Lord knows . . .
                It's also up to the 3rd-party author to provide an option to disable the plugin...
                which it already has . . .
                right click "cover" window -> config -> uncheck "show window".

                I honestly doubt that Nullsoft will include a simple cover plugin in the default setup (especially seeing the majority of people don't even use cover tags or have the relevant cover.jpg files), and not when a much better service is already available . . . imho.

                Then again, ya never know . . . anything's possible.

                Hmm . . . wonder if it could be done by attach/detach method,
                similar to video and avs plugins . . . ponderous...

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                  The Cover&Tag plugin is very good. It works great with 2.81

                  I get alerts about cookies and activeX for MsIE when I use "now playing" or "show info" while I denied MsIE to pass my firewall!?

                  Read about MsIE security problems:


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                    The plug-ins all leave something to be desired. COverView-which does half of what I want doesn't display anything. And I find most of the visualizations just visual noise. Out of all the ones with WInamp I only found three that looked interesting beyond blurry squiggles. And none that I want to look at for very long. At least the cover art has something to do with the song.

                    The ID tag allows for embedding images. It would be nice to have the ML/PL/player display these tag images or support embedding them...I didn't see a way to display or enter one. Windows "folder.jpg" thumbnailing is the perfect default for covers, since most of us probably store all the tracks of an album in a single folder. This would also take advantage of any work MS-WMP did to populate fodler.jpg. Coverview displays this, but doesn't work at all for me.

                    I'd like to see cover art placed into the MP3 and that displayed. Be nice if it overlayed visualizations with the title or popped out like the CONFIG tab, or was a left-hand pane on the playlist, or just in the media library.

                    I wish some program would better populate tags on the fly. MS-WMP does this HORRIBLY. Unfortunately they have a more complete db, filling in composer fields as well(Something I would like to see filled-and why doesn't ID3 have a producer field!?). The bad part is all MS songs are ROCK category, tracks don't support the #/# format and despite a checkbox that says they won't, they overwrite all of your entries with their own, destroying any info you've entered. (a little too typical an attitude for MS)

                    Fully populated tags and 200x200 cover art embedded in the MP3 is a sweet goal.


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                      Not a bunch of plug-ins show cover art.i would say only The Cover&Tag plugin does.
                      but it doesn't work very well with W5,it doesn't find all covers in mp3 files..

                      of course it would be nice from author's side to make update ,but who knows..we have only hope ..)

                      And Nullsoft could make it for once and all )


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                        I mentioned about this wish before and Sawg showed me the way to heaven: "Search: plugins cover" )

                        Actually, if winamp has an ID3 editor window, then it should allow detailed editing and viewing more ID3 fields like -maybe- cover tags. And it shouldn't be a plugin feature. If Winamp will be our "ultimate media player" (for me, it already is), this is a requirement. Because many jukebox softwares offer such features...


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                          I don't get why the Winamp developers are so against the concept of displaying cover art. The ID3v2 tags allow you to put the cover art in the tag, therefore, why in the world would I -ever- want to go out on the internet and download new coverart, when it is already there in the file? It's not like the art is going to change that it absolutely must go out and download it!

                          This is about the only point I don't see eye-to-eye with the Winamp developers on. I love Winamp to death, but c'mon, get over whatever aversion it is that you have, and just put it in, and use that mini-browser window when all else fails. Hell, I've hid the mini-browser ever since it was first implemented, as I have zero use for it, but that's just me.

                          Now I know that people are going to say "use a plugin!" or point out how stupid I am for wanting to display my cover art, and how I should just shut up and go crawl under a rock and huddle with my cover art. Well, this is a basic feature that would require very little development I would imagine. Just put it in, and then we (the people that want native cover art displaying) can go away, and focus on how great Winamp is (because, let's face it, it is!).

                          Added: Ok, here's a compromise: if I absoutely must use that mini-browser, how about it remembers what page I was on, and stays in that view? I'm going to have to explain this.

                          What I mean is this: I click on a song, say Fuel - Bittersweet, and it starts playing. I click on "Now Playing" in the left pane of the Media Library, and I get an initial screen in the right pane with all sorts of information about the band, etc... I click on the album in the upper left, which brings up a page that displays only the tracklisting on the left, and shows the album art in the lower right. If I -must- use this, how about it remains 'sticky' on that view (or the last view really, whatever it may be), so if I jump to another track, or album, it updates the information for that track/album, but in that same view, so I don't have to click on the album again, etc...

                          Just a thought.
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                            I've used all the plugins on the search list. They have all either crashed or do not do what i want.
                            Would it be that hard to have CoverArt as an option within the vis window? I just want coverart to be a preset in there. Maybe even put some vis effects on top of the cover.


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                              i must agree thaimonkey.

                              the other thing i wanted, browse your album folders in cover thumbnails - ok i understand that this is too much to want for now.

                              but just showing covers while playing in a little window must be possible,i hope so.