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"Play in playlist" when double-click in ML

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  • "Play in playlist" when double-click in ML

    I just went through the wishlist thinking that this feature was there but as far as I can see it isn't..(correct me if I'm wrong..)

    Well I'll explain what I mean with "Play in playlist": If you double-click a song(or right-click and choose this option) in the media-library and the song is already in the playlist it won't reenqueue the song at the bottom of the playlist instead it will play the song already in the playlist as if I'd just double- clicked the song already in the playlist..

    Sorry if it's hard to understand..

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    Also, if the song isn't in the winamp playlist the song will enqueue itself just as a normal enqueue..

    So it should be: "Play in playlist or enqueue"


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      I can't believe noone has answered and agreed with me!

      This is not a bump..

      I'm gonna show the "usefulness" of this feature!

      I usually have a playlist of 3-400 songs and sometimes a couple of thousands and just feel the earge(spelling..) to hear a song I find when I browse through the Media Library and I'm not sure if the song is in the playlist or not and don't want to search through the whole list, or use Jump to file or whatever..

      This is the time when this feature is useful, if I choose "Play in playlist or enqueue" as the primary option I just have to double-click the song and my whole playlist isn't removed(like it is now.. ), if the song was in the playlist it'll just choose that one and play it and if it isn't there it'll enqueue it in the bottom or porhaps automatically sorted in the playlist?(another request of mine..)


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        well, someone already suggested the following :

        Play AND enqueue.
        thats pretty much the same and i would love to have it implemented. that wouldnt destroy your list and would be useful in much other situations.

        you could get the double entry out then with the planned feature for this

        i really hope play AND enqueue will be noticed by the developers ....