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'music folders' in the left panel of ML

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  • 'music folders' in the left panel of ML

    * it's nice if there's a new category called 'music folders' in the left panel of ML
    most of us arrange our songs in to folder structures on the HD to categorize them easiliy. but in the ML all songs are shown in one huge list, and our categorizations are lost... of course it can be worked around by adding playlists for each folder, but we already have so many nested folders so it becomes tedious wok ... so if the scanned folders could be shown in an expandable tree ( in ' music folders' category) it would be really superb! I think this is a very easy improvement.

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    all this has been suggested.

    i'd like to use this chance to say again how much i'd like to have that feature in winamp, too.

    (anyway the thread will be closed, if i know sawg right )