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  • Library - Search Pulldown box (eg. All, Artist, Song)


    For particalar search commands a query command is a good solution, if you know the right syntax though. Although I am glad it is possible to use query commands, I could be even more happy if there would just be a pulldown for the simple (often used) search commands.

    So a pulldown box to choose in what DB_COLUMN you want to search (eg. All, Artist, Album, Song). In this case you just have to fill in the artist's name, put the pulldown in the right position and go! Right now it will search in ALL tables!

    I think this was already there in WinAmp3?!

    Regards and thanks for the good work!!!


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    Right click on Local Media and select "Add New View..." There is an editor there.


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      Thanks for the answer.

      But I don't think you understand what I really mean. In the views you would have to create for each filter a new view. So, eg. I am looking for ONLY artists that has the name 'queen' in it, I would have to create a view.

      All I want to do is to do a quick SEARCH in the artists (or album) column for a specific name. Right now the build in search will look in ALL fields, which is of course more time consuming and gives more results, since it will even look for Queen in the album and song names.

      So, basically the same functionality as in the views, but then in the search bar.

      Hope I have illustrated my 'wish' good enough....



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        Click on audio, in the artist box find Queen.

        Or in the search box type:
        ?artist is Queen


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          Originally posted by Sawg
          ?artist is Queen
          Where is the search syntax documented? I didn't think you could do anything remotely advanced like that.

          What I think he's trying to say, is have [TEXTBOX]"search terms"[/TEXTBOX] [DROPDOWN]"in this field"[/DROPDOWN]. (I don't like this; you can't search multiple specfic items in multiple specific fields.)

          Or perhaps also a dropdown menu of previous searches, i.e. what Internet Explorer does with previously visited/types sites.

          Simply going to the Audio view would give you a list by artists & albums, but it wouldn't be that same functionality as querying from within another view (that is possible more expansive or restrictive in criteria than the Audio view).

          However, if there is a search term you use frequently, you might as well create a seperate view with that criteria. I'm not sure this feature suggestion would be too entirely useful, and kind of redundant with what already exists.

          3rd thoughts: Frequently used search terms that you use on *many* views would be useful, though. Otherwise you would have to create umpteen more different views. (Also see->this would be helped by the wishlisted ML folder organization feat.)
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            Where is the search syntax documented? I didn't think you could do anything remotely advanced like that.
            Right click on Local Media and select "Add New View..."

            Same syntax, just preceded by a '?'


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              Exactly where I was looking for! Thanks guys!

              Moguta was right, I meant:
              [TEXTBOX]"search terms"[/TEXTBOX] [DROPDOWN]"in this field"[/DROPDOWN]. (Where DROPDOWN could be All, Artist, Album etc).

              But with the syntax provided by Sawg it will do the trick. (?artist has "queen" will result in all queen songs!). Just did not know about it and could not find any docu on it.

              Topics remains though... A pulldown would make human life so much easier!

              As for me.. You can close the topic.