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what about a CD to MP3 converter?

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  • what about a CD to MP3 converter?

    I don´t really know if there is any plug-in that can do this. Maybe (I haven´t tried it) there is a way to convert first to WAV format and later on to MP3, but why spend so much time? Can´t convert directly to MP3? (sorry if my english is not good)

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    mp3 output:

    or try musicmatch:

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    hope this helps.
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        I know there's an CD --> MP3 converter in Winamp, it comes with the standard installation I think. BUT... where it falls down is that it only codes up to 56kbps, which is such poor quality it's better to put up with the hassle of using the CD itself. I'd get another converter, but all the freeware ones are so buggy, sluggish and unfriendly it's unbelievable, and I really don't want to buy Realplayer (or whatever it's called these days)...

        What I want is an improvement to the ripper in Winamp, so that (a) it does CD-quality MP3s (I believe that's 256kbps, correct me if I'm wrong), and (b) it has an option to append an ID3 tag to the file, stealing all the information from CDDB, saving HOURS of clicking and typing!

        Please... *grovel*