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Adjusting volume with mouse scroll button

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  • Adjusting volume with mouse scroll button

    Oh, what it was to have winamp 3. I could have the program sat minimised up at the top of my desktop and any volume changes could be easily executed with a click anywhere on the program and a scroll of the mouse wheel. And it would tell you what volume level you were now at. Alas Winamp 5.02 has been changed (much to my dismay) to change tracks when this feat is attempted anywhere except on the main window.

    I apologise if noone knows what I mean, as I am a relative "newbie" and noone else seems to have posted anything about it anywhere. I have the classic skin, and my standard desktop setup is the main window, playlist editor and equaliser all together and minimised so to be able to make it small enough to have "always on top" and not be in the way at all. Try left clicking once (when playing music) on the title of the song playing, then scroll... see what I mean.

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    i already suggested that ...


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      Great! errr...did they say anything about it?


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        Have you tried the modern skin instead, or any (ex) freeform Winamp3 skin?

        The mouse scrollwheel still controls the volume for me with both main & pledit windowshades (and EQ winshade, if it exists as a separate window in that particular skin).

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          its great that differnt windows have different scroll features, is it really that hard to select the main window before scrolling?


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            i just want a shortcut to let the scrollwheel know : adjust the winamp volume with your scroll now. that would be heaven.