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  • Album Covers in Vis Plugins

    The G-Force plugin has the capability with some media players to display album covers along with song titles at the beginning of songs. According to their webpage, only iTunes and J. River MEDIA CENTER currently support cover art in visualization plugins. I think it would be nice to have this support in WinAmp 5.x as well.

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    Well then the plugin authours should be contacted about this matter, nothing the developers can do about it.
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      Umm, thats not true. Winamp still needs to support cover art itself such that a plugin developer has a means at their disposal to actually pull in and use the asset.

      So in short, can someone please put artwork/coverart support into Winamp.

      Personally I store the artwork as a folder.jpg for each album folder, but I suppose I could have equally put the artwork into the ID3v2 tag too, it just seemed silly as it would have added ~10K per MP3 for the 100,000 or so MP3's I have.



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        I don't know about vis plugins...
        but this is from the Wishlist sticky:

        Album cover viewing
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          i tried to suggest that in general and in the r4 forums, but somehow nobody cared for it. an album cover vislau plug would be awesome.


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            Most of the plugins available which show cover art just show it in the minibrowser. Thats not the same thing.

            Here's a athread on the G-Force forums which points the finger at it needing to be an internal feature to Winamp for a vis to be able to use album art:



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              Cover&Tag uses the video window.

              As Andy O'Meara suggested in the thread you linked to,
              he recommended that you send an email directly to Nullsoft/Winamp dev.

              I doubt very much that you'll get anywhere by posting in this Wishlist forum.


              - write nullsoft and ask them for album artwork support. Make a reference to G-Force (and any positve words you wish to add) so that they're encouraged to add album cover art (ie, that a popular plugin out there already supports it for other music players).
              - in you email, request that they feature/spotlight the latest version of G-Force--this will bring attention to G-Force, that it has album cover art support, and that winamp needs to catch up. There's so many "eh" plugins over there, the good ones get lost in the numbers. And, of course, your efforts and faithfulness for G-Force would be well appreicated by myself.

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                Originally posted by Ikarus7
                i tried to suggest that in general and in the r4 forums, but somehow nobody cared for it. an album cover vislau plug would be awesome.
                yeah i remember>album art that change w/song as sprites in milkdrop right?


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