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Re-Find Missing Items in Media Library

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  • Re-Find Missing Items in Media Library

    hello all, i'm confused... is there really no option to re-find missing items in the media library?
    i think this would be not just for me interesting.
    drop me a line, i'm wondering.

    keep up the good work with winamp and have a nice day!

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    What do you mean by "re-find missing items"?

    Library button > remove missing items
    Library button > rescan media folders

    Or just: Prefs > Media Library > Media Importing
    Checkmark: 'automatically remove missing files'
    then rescan.

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      thanks for your fast answer, but i have to explain a bit more.

      for example i have saved a playlist in my library... there are some items missing 'cause i've moved them to another directory. now i want to re-find the missed songs in the playlist.

      > remove missing items
      > rescan library
      ...this buttons are great, but they doesn't solve my problem.

      thanks for your help


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        ah, you said 'library', not 'playlist'.

        Nah, there's currently no automatic way of doing that.

        To remove dead links:
        Playlist > rem > remove missing files

        To manually correct dead links:
        Playlist > right click entry > playlist entry...

        The library is database driven (local media views), whereas playlists are just text file equivalents (m3u files).

        What you wanted was possible under Winamp3 / wasabi.player, because it was all database driven at the core, but alas, Winamp (2.x/5.x) isn't :/

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          hum... okay i begin with the search now. thanks for your support.



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            could a plugin be made to go into the .m3u and change the path?
            Perhaps, a plugin could just save the removed items to a .txt?


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              yes maybe, but i really have no idea how to code a plugin


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                *sigh (still) under construction*


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                  yes, ino about "playlist entry" but i would like to see which files are no longer working. It would be much nicer than having to rescan ml. And then recreate the playlist.


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                    Originally posted by billyvnilly
                    It would be much nicer than having to rescan ml. And then recreate the playlist.