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  • saving settings

    i would like winamp to get an option to backup your settings like the lists in the media lib, preferences, ...

    why? because i format my computer once a month normally, and i am spending half an hour to set all the settings from winamp
    so you click a button and winamp creates a file, then i load it when i formatted and i have all my settings back

    hope you can help me

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    That'd be too easy...

    winamp.ini, studio.xnf, gen_ml.ini, reg entries, backups etc
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      Would anyone here be able to provide me with a batch file to copy files, which could be run at window's shutdown?


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        Yeah, well it depends on where Winamp is installed
        and what folder you want to create the backups in, heh :/
        For this purpose, I'll create the .bat so it needs to be run from within the Winamp folder, ie. copy all the text in the "code" box below into Notepad, and save it as Type: "All Files" with a name of eg. WinampBackup.bat in the Winamp root folder.
        @echo off
        md C:\Backup\Winamp\Plugins\ml
        copy /Y Winamp.ini C:\Backup\Winamp\Winamp.ini
        copy /Y studio.xnf C:\Backup\Winamp\studio.xnf
        copy /Y C:\Backup\Winamp\
        copy /Y plugins\in_cdda.cdb C:\Backup\Winamp\plugins\in_cdda.cdb
        copy /Y plugins\gen_ml.ini C:\Backup\Winamp\plugins\gen_ml.ini
        copy /Y plugins\ml C:\Backup\Winamp\plugins\ml

        This will backup the following:
        studio.xnf (bookmarks)
        plugins\in_cdda.cdb (cddb database)
        plugins\ml (folder)

        The backup folder will be created at: "C:\Backup\Winamp"
        with relevant subfolders (plugins\ml)

        You can change the destination folder according to taste, eg.
        md [enter "drive:\path\to\winamp\plugins\ml" of backup folder to create here]

        Or you can manually create the backup folder/subfolder structure first and remove that line from the .bat file

        Naturally, you'll then also need to edit the path of the destination folder for each line in the .bat file. You'll need to use "quotes" around the path if there's any spaces in it, eg.

        copy /Y winamp.ini "C:\Documents and Settings\(user)\My Documents\Backup\Winamp\Winamp.ini"

        Or you could even just create the backups in the Winamp dir, eg.

        md Backup\Plugins\ml
        copy /Y winamp.ini Backup\winamp.ini

        The /Y switch forces automatic overwrite of existing files
        You can change this to /-Y if you prefer to be prompted.

        As to making it autorun on Winamp exit or Windows Shutdown, well that's another issue...

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          Thank you DJ Egg. I haven't put together the file yet, but when I do I'm just going to put it in my startup group and as an icon on the desktop.


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            ah, well you'll have to put in the full paths if the .bat file isn't in the winamp dir. Though you could leave the actual .bat file in the winamp folder and just put a shortcut to it on the desktop and in the start menu. Or whatever, heh.

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              and what about copy the whole folder?

              copy /Y * C:\Backup\Winamp\*

              or something?


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                I dunno. I use the windows backup tool to make a weekly backup of my winamp folder and my media folder. This way the ml database is time coordinated with the media in the backup. I still run the script for just the ml and settings everyday at startup, but I found copying the entire winamp folder everyday took too long for my tastes.


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                  it's not for my winamp folder actually...
                  i would like to use something like that for the 'my documents' folder
                  my hd crashes alot so i backup everything on another partition, the problem is, it never tells you 'next time you boot, i crash '


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                    Sorry I don't know how to do that. I just copy and pasted the script myself and changed the path to another drive. I figured out that the windows backup program is really hard to automate, so I went googling for an alternative and found one. Look for Cobian Backup 6. It seems really flexible, I have it set to simply copy my music folder, but it can also encrypt and compress your backups. I've got it set to run once a day at 1pm and it started the first backup without interupting me, aside from a non-intrusive notification over the windows clock. The thing that makes it better than the other ones I tried is that it can put the copying in the background rather than slowing down your computer.