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May it can be good to see winamp in taskbar!

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  • May it can be good to see winamp in taskbar!

    I want winamp to dock in taskbar. I know winamp can dock like a bar; but it will be more powerfull to be able to use it in taskbar.

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    From Winamp 5.0 Wishlist

    Modern Skin Shit
    mini/deskband mode
    Winamp Deskband | more plugins
    Or maybe the Nullsoft Tray Control
    1. Ctrl+P
    2. Plug-ins > General Purpose
    3. double click 'Nullsoft Tray Control'
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      Also, in the taskbar, it would be nice to see the Winamp bar have a progress bar (like with downloads etc) so you can see how far through the song you are without having to maximise/restore Winamp. I hope this makes sense to someone