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  • Remember Winamp Agent settings

    Winamp does a good job remembering most previous settings between installs, however, there is one setting that isn't seamless.

    To reproduce:
    1. Open Winamp.
    2. Check "Enable Winamp agent" in Preferences > File Types.
    3. Check "Maintain file associations" in Preferences > File Types.
    4. Leave "Show system tray icon" unchecked.
    5. Close Winamp.
    6. Install Winamp with "Winamp Agent" ticked. This must be over-the-top ... doesn't apply to clean installs.

    The system icon reappears, even when the "Show..." option is unchecked prior to the install.

    I want the Winamp Agent to maintain file associations, but not show the system tray icon. The installer needs to be coded to remember all the settings of the Winamp Agent.

    Even if others may not share my exact request, this should allow all users to have their own customized Agent settings, whether it be

    not to show, or maintain file associations (completely disabled).

    not to show, but maintain file associations.

    to show, but not maintain file associations.

    to show and to maintain file association (completely enabled).

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