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  • Portable Music Player Support Feature

    Hey, I see that there's this feature in the new Winamp version 5.2

    I notice this is just version 1.0. But what I noticed would be helpful is if i can syncronize specific playlists in my ipod from specific playlists on my computer.

    For example: I have a playlist named "Alternative Rock" in my Library playlist (on the computer) and I want to syncronize this playlist with a differently named playlist on the iPod, for example "Alt. Rock" (not just the same name of the playlist that's on the computer).

    Quick Visual:


    "Alternative Rock" <----> "Alt. Rock"

    This feature would be sooo amazing and time saving for me and others too if anyone can help supporting this idea to be made.

    Thanks alot!

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    Another nice feature would be to be able to send stuff to a specific playlist on a portable device.

    Like when you right click on an item in the media library go to send to > device
    just add another submenu from the device name with a list of the playlists on the device.
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      or the ability to remove songs from a portable via the top two panes.



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        I would be really happy if you could send whole playlists to the ipod.


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          I second what Jehoha said. Very much so.


          Well, I have a Zen Micro but same thing.


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            For those who can not sync their entire music collection to their portable. It would be great to have a sync details or some other equivalent button that would allow me to sync any new ratings or play counts between my portable and my media library files.


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              How about integration with Smart Views? i.e. be able to create a smart view to one's liking to filter the tracks to synch.