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  • "Advanced Title Formatting" - Manager

    I got my Winamp on my Laptop and take it everywhere.

    @ Home I want to display the artist, title, album and tracknumber of of the title in the album, so i use this:

    %artist% - %title% $if2( | Album: %album% $if2( '('#%tracknumber%')',),)

    As DJ on homeparties i need more info like genre and my comments and sometimes i don`t suss things out in ANY way and I just want to display the artist and title..

    So i imagine a configuration panel where u can save formattings, delete them and edit them. Per mouseclick is the favorite formatting chosen. And:
    The Help-box for the syntax is very useful, but u always gt to close it to continue writing..could be improved

    Sorry for my (maybe) sometimes bad English, hope u see my wish in it

    ®© Robby Lee

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    you can use the ultra customizable Toaster; this plugin supports all ATF strings and many more...

    advanced_title_formatting wiki

    whit Toaster you can save different setups to switch when needed (anyway you must use the preferences window to change the setup)



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      a nice thing that comes with toaster is tips, you can add things to tips in winamp preferences to show extra things 'on hover' over the playlist entry.

      storing syntax would be nice... perhaps just for now save them on a txt file