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  • Better Update System

    I have been using Winamp for eons. However there is one thing that always bugs me that I would like to add to the wish list.

    It seems that every time a new version of Winamp comes out, I get the box that says a new version is available. However I am stuck downloading the entire program and reinstalling it every time. it wouldn't be so bad if updates occurred once in a long while, but this is almost every month and its annoying to go to your website every time I want to update.

    So what if there was an updater on the program itself that would let us download and patch the updates in stead of the notification that one is available?

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    I like it more to have often new versions, instead of long waits

    And I don't really see a problem in downloading and installing winamp when an update is out..

    You dont need to uninstall winamp, you can simply install over the existing folder and it also remembers all the last chosen options that you did on last setup (except for the 4 extra tools (emusic, toolbar etc..)
    so I dont see really a problem here


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      Well, I realize all of that. I guess my main issue is just having to download the entire program and installing it again. Yes you can install over it, but you still have to download an entirely new installer, and then run the install wizard like you do when u first install. And when a new version comes out every other time I use it, it just seems to be more trouble then what its worth. Using patches would be a lot easier in the long run. You just run a small program with in Winamp and it would handle the downloads and patching on its own.

      Perhaps I'm being lazy, or just maybe spoiled from virtually every other program that does this, but perhaps it would be a thought to consider.


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        I could be way off here, but I suspect this is a commercial decision. This way, each time you upgrade you are forced back to the main website (showing you ads including for AOL Music and for Winamp Pro) and then see the three extras during installation.

        Note: this shouldn't be seen as a criticism, nothing wrong with a bit of commercialism!